SDI Diver Training Courses

SDI was created in 1999 and grew out of the success of our sister company TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training.

Both students and instructors have embraced the no nonsense approach that the SDI training system offers. We have streamlined the course materials to let students study the essential academics with an emphasis on practical diving skills learned in both the pool and open water environments. SDI is the only agency to require students to be taught with modern dive computers from the onset of training.

SDI course materials are state-of-the-art; the materials are lavishly illustrated with photography and graphics.

Diving is constantly changing. SDI staff is always looking forward and striving to be the innovators in scuba diving education. SDI focus is to make the experience of diving one that is enjoyed by every family member.

Once you have decided which course suits you, please check out my calendar for course dates. If there are no dates which work for you, please contact me and I will arrange classes around your schedule.


Additionally, the following applies to all SDI training programs.

Students with unsafe attitudes or demonstrating bad dive habits or poor water skills will not be certified. Training is purchased upon enrollment and certification is earned through the students performance and knowledge demonstrated at the end of the course. Candidates not achieving a passing score will be required to make additional dives for certification.

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