Our Philosophy to Diver Training

IANTD Diver Courses

“Limited knowledge usually equals limited preparedness. Someone who sees a task to be done, weighs up the requirements and risks, and gathers the equipment and expertise needed to carry out that task...that's a Technical Diver!"

Diver Training Courses

Our core philosophy to diver training is to help you understand where you want to be and to help get you there.

We will build upon skills you already possess and extend your abilities. We will play to your strengths and help you build upon your existing diving skills to bring about achievements that you may feel are currently beyond reach.

We believe in positive learning and you will find my style relaxing, nurturing and most of all fun. Whether you are looking for an introduction to scuba diving or a more advanced technical diving, or just to get wet. We offer it all.

We are part of the IANTD and TDI/SDI family and promote the same training philosophy, the same standards and the same objectives.

Please read the objectives and training philosophy as set out by IANTD.


We are quite simply diver trainers, no retail, no hard sell, just diving!

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On completing your course you will be issued your certification. This, however, is not a certainty. We only issue certification to students who cover all the skills and knowledge stated in the course pre-requisites. You WILL work hard for your certification but on completion you will feel that sense of personal achievement that can only be achieved by dedication and hard work.


You should LEARN how to scuba dive and obtain your EARNED certification, so that you can spend time underwater enjoying the vast wonderous marine environment.

If you have any queries or want to drop us a message, please go over to our contact page and fill out the contact form, or you can reach us at instructor@oceanbluediving.net